As a senior manager at Saville Audio Visual (one of the UK’s leading visual communications companies), I have used Geoff Hare from “The Workshop Shop”, Change Management Consultancy, as a facilitator and trainer on a number of occasions over the last three years and these sessions have had a positive effect on our business improvement.

As a facilitator Geoff has the ability to keep sessions moving at a good pace whilst making sure the audience understands the key points. Geoff has a skill of removing negativity, and when delegates leave an event that he has led, they always leave in a positive frame of mind.

His delivery style uses a lot of humour, but where necessary he can also make sure that important information is received and understood by his audience.

Having used may other trainers and facilitators in the past, I find Geoff’s methods refreshing and he brings with him many different ideas and techniques.

I have found Geoff’s post-training feedback to be invaluable and he has the ability to spot potential issues within a company or team and suggest a strategy to solve such matters.

I would recommend “The Workshop Shop” to any Company looking for a change management consultant who can bring a new perspective to their training and help develop and motivate their teams.

Andy Dyson, Commercial Director