Health Professions Council

In 2012 I had the opportunity to use Geoff Hare’s consultancy skills for leadership and management to improve my work as Head of Medical, Nursing and
 Safeguarding Services, in a large independent residential college, governed by a national charity. I found his input really useful and after external assessments it proved to have definitely improved my managerial and leadership skills.

Under his mentorship he taught me how my role should inspire, energise and develop staff, whilst providing a greater insight and commitment to my own leadership training and development. As part of this process I took part in a 360 degree appraisal, using managers at the same level as myself and staff that I line-managed. It was a meaningful experience and the feedback assisted me to recognise my strengths and weaknesses. After our joint discussions we put together a development and a meaningful action plan for the service I was contracted to deliver.

I improved communication between the teams I led, by having a weekly meeting with the groups of staff where the agenda was prepared by the group and myself so there was meaningful communication. As a result all felt that their views had been taken into account and could see that their opinions counted and were considered, in order to work together towards identified goals and created more group cohesion .

Geoff was very knowledgeable regarding appropriate management styles for my field of work and helped me to realise the importance of and persuading our CEO sharing his action plan for the future of the charity with the senior leadership team and they in turn sharing it with the groups they manage. So all staff and volunteers who worked for the organisations at all levels were knowledgeable about the aspirations of the charity and were all working together towards the shared actions and meeting targeted outcomes. I found Geoff’s input very useful, relevant and helpful in growing me as a manager and improving my leadership skills. He supported my improvement with relevant education, suggested reading and strategies to increase my knowledge base. He provided me with a well-rounded and personalised bespoke management training which was informative and enjoyable; the outcomes were measurable through feedback from the groups I led, and the service targets I was required to achieve.

I have no hesitation in recommending Geoff Hare for his knowledge, experience and the strategies he employs 
to develop and improve managers and the training of future leaders.

Jill Taylor

Registered General Nurse, Social Worker Registered (HPC) Health Professions Council.