Marsden Heights High School, Lancashire

It gives me the greatest pleasure to recommend “Change Services.Org” and Geoff Hare to you as a change management consultant. I had the pleasure of working with Geoff for twenty five years. His impact on my professional career has been immense; shaping my teaching and progression to senior leadership. Geoff‘s outstanding career reflected his passion for teaching and life long learning. His innovative approaches in the classroom, thirst for knowledge, self-improvement and drive have been an inspiration for many.

As a Senior Leader Geoff had many strengths: personable, committed, driven, enthusiastic etc but it was and is his vision and his ability to empower others to rise to a challenge, change direction or reach for their dreams that stand him apart from other leaders. He is an inspiration to all who work with him. Under his visionary and strategic leadership great things will happen. Geoff was a creator of change at Werneth School and gave a lasting legacy. He has a great deal to bring to any organisation that is looking forward and wishes to manage change and improvement with care, dedication and integrity.

Helen Butler Deputy Headteacher, Marsden Heights High School, Lancashire