Training Days

Our Mission:-

“To facilitate the management of change.”

In simple terms we sell training workshops, tailor made for the individual needs of our clients.

Training Days

Do you feel your organisation or business should be performing better but don’t know how or where to improve? We have the tools to help you manage change and increase your performance. We facilitate the management of change through a painless process of evolution. Our training approaches are individually tailored to meet your requirements following discussion and a needs analysis specifically designed for your organisation.

There are many reasons and facets of success and failure in most institutions and no matter how successful your organisation, there will always be room for improvement. All of our clients, employers, managers, and employees get a surprise and leave training days happy, smiling and above all, inspired to improve, with an action plan and timeline in place, providing regular feedback and, hopefully, a lasting professional relationship with Changes Services.Org.UK.

After initial discussions targeting your requirements, our tailored training include visioning days, mission statement development, leadership training, team building, performance management, continual professional development, appraisal, work life balance policies and succession planning.

Our training days are an investment in your biggest assets, you and your employees, and we alter our approaches to cater for the larger international or nationwide organisation, and for the sole trader or family business. From education to engineering, we support establishments in various industries that wish to manage improvement and change with care, consultation and consideration.

Specialising in being different and, hopefully, setting an example that helps you stand out from the crowd, we increase your organisation’s or business’ performance whilst creating a mutually constructive environment for your staff. We have many years experience in improving a variety of businesses, organizations and individuals. Check our references and read what our clients think of our training days and how we improved their daily working lives.

If you want to improve your business or organisation today then contact us!  All initial consultations are free, but we reserve the right to request reasonable expenses outside a 20 mile radius of the SK7 UK postcode.

Leadership Training Day