Coaching and Mentorship

Good workers when promoted don’t necessarily make good managers or leaders. Too often employees are promoted into positions of incompetence. “Dead man’s shoes!” syndrome; longest serving employee, therefore…; the boss’s best mate who needs a job… I could go on. Do you promote from within or from without? When do companies need that important external eye that removes the insularity pervading in some stayed and coasting establishments? The “but we’ve always done it like this” management strategy is inherent in too many industries. Improvement is about managed evolutionary transformation for individuals, teams, and corporations.

Supporting organisations through the recruitment process is a role Change Services.Org can fulfil. Probably more important is supporting employees in those positions. Personal development doesn’t end when the job starts, that’s when it continues or begins and carries on throughout a working career. We never stop learning, there will always be room for improvement.

Change Services.Org provide a “critical friend”, develop coaching strategies, manage mentorship, and a structure of positive role modelling to develop future leaders.