Leadership Training and Succession Planning

In academic circles there is an ongoing debate regarding the benefits of having either a “Leader” or “Strategist” as the most suitable head of an organisation. At Change Services.Org we like to focus on leadership at all levels. From shareholders, to individual employees, to team, to department, to section, to branch, to region, to head office, at SLT/SMG and board level, leadership in one form or another is required. Leadership is a process in which people have the ability either consciously or unconsciously to influence and enlist the support of others in achieving common goals or tasks. In other words, help to mould and support the mission.

We assist groups in identifying talent, grow their own leaders, develop leaders for the future, understand and identify insularity, and when to suggest promotion from without.

The very best managers identify and develop talent, but few organisations have a policies in place that positively plan for future managerial development and succession. Good employees don’t necessarily make good managers and management has many facets. This needs to be understood, recognised and managed. Succession planning  goes a long way to ensure quality internal promotions or the need to for external input; an ability to plan continued  progress and improvement.