Visioning Days and Mission Statements

“Without a vision the people will perish” is a very old proverb, but it still as relevant today, as it was over 2000 years ago.

The most successful organisations globally, in all areas of business, industry, science, education and government possess a clear vision of what they want to be, what they want to achieve; an ideal unique to their company, a catalyst for action; a statement that reflects core values!

The vision statement may be in itself an unreachable target (“Aim for the stars and you may hit the moon!”) but it will provide a constant focus for attention, providing a rationale and purpose. The “vision” often provides a clear pathway and direction for an establishment to follow and the very best organisations ensure their employees buy into this dream.

Mission statements on the other hand, may be more achievable; an objective rather than an aim. They tend to concentrate on the present and can be used as a measure of progress. They are also milestones on the pathway to success.

Initial discussions, management audits and staff surveys are used by The Workshop Shop to identify weaknesses in these areas and a plan of action and training can be set in place to refocus attention.